föstudagur, 17. október 2008

Fleiri bréf frá Bretlandi

Bréfin frá Bretlandi hafa flest verið afar jákvæð þar sem hlýhug er lýst í garð Íslendinga. Hér er til að mynda eitt:

Dear Professor Bergmann Einarsson

I read your letter printed in the UK daily Mail recently.

The political handling of these matters has been very inept here and I agree with you that our wretched Chancellor, Alastair Darling, must have known what the effects of his words would be on the fate of your Kaupthing Bank. Even worse, to use anti -terrorism laws against a friendly country in the way that the even more wretched Gordon Brown did, was totally unnecessary and indeed shameful. I can only conclude that in a desperate attempt to assist his sinking reputation, he thought that this may distinguish him as a decisive man of action, in fact it showed him to be desperate , intemperate, and stupidly oblivious to the consequences.

There is no doubt that greedy gamblers, I will not dignify their activities by referring to banking, have wreaked huge damage worldwide. Although Iceland has a small number of these individuals, undoubtedly we in the UK have many more.

I have never been to Iceland but those of my friends and relations who have tell me that it is a fine country with a very welcoming populace. I am sure that this is the case and I want you to know that nobody that I know has the least feeling of ill will towards you and your countrymen and women. For myself I am deeply ashamed by the use of anti terrorist laws against you and for what it is worth, I offer my apologies.

May I send you warm greetings from the UK and the wish that all of us can return to normal financial life very soon ?

Yours Sincerely

Michael F.Grasham